Cancer Detec.Profile - Female

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Test Name Cancer Detec.Profile - Female
Report Ready in (Days) : 1 Days
Report Ready in (Hours) : 0 Hours
Measurement Unit : -
Low Reference range : 0
High Reference Range : 0
Extra Reference Range : The test for CA 19-9 is mainly regarded as a screening test for pancreatic carcinoma as the test carries 70-95% sensitivity and 69-71% specificity.Therefore, values should be interpreted along with other clinical and investigatory findings for diagnostic accuracy.Please also note, the degree of elevation of CA 19-9 has no relation to the tumor mass. CA 125 Comments:Increased serum levels of CA-125 are mainly seen in gynecological malignancies. However, elevated levels may also occur in gynecological non-malignant conditions (endometriosis, ovarian cysts, menstruation, pregnancy, peritoneal and pleural inflammation), Non-gynecological malignancies (tumours colon, liver and lungs) and 1% of healthy controls. This assay can also be used as an aid in the detection of residual or recurrent gynecological malignancies during the follow up after the first line treatment.Tests performed by cobas e systems using Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay (ECLIA)Technology.
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Low Value Alert : -
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