About Us

Nawaloka Laboratories (GC Labs) is a Sri lanka's leading clinical laboratory which provides clinical and anatomic pathology reference testing.

Nawaloka Laboratories has enabled patients to receive accurate diagnosis and right treatment with unrivaled quality of routine and special clinical tests.We offer more than 4,000 tests and test combinations, ranging from routine tests to highly esoteric molecular and genetic assays.

We continue to acquire the latest technology and machines for clinical testing with strong and open partnerships with Nawaloka Green Cross Laboratories.

We also focus on developing complex clinical testing areas by investing in human resources.

With more than 30 years of accumulated know-how, we value our principals of providing the best treatment for patients in Sri Lanka even in unpredictable medical environments through passionate and ceaseless efforts.

As we grow with our Nawaloka clients, we promise not only to be a market leader in Korea but also to become a leading global clinical testing laboratory.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuing support and would like to ask you for your trust for the next 30 years and beyond.Thank you.


Growing with Our Clients to a World-class Laboratories

We provide clients with world-class clinical laboratory testing service and
value, and let our staff feel pride and have self-esteem. 
We will be known as a laboratory fulfilling a healthy society through continuous changes and innovations


Contributing to Healthy Life of Humankind

We expand medical services to the global society

Message to Our Clients

Stay Healthy and Happy with Nawaloka Laborotories Excellent Service

• Excellent testing service
• Best efforts for patient’s cure
• Happy and healthy life to our clients
• Caring others

Core Value

Challenge & Innovation

Challenge and Innovation are the driving forces behind the growth of Nawaloka Labs. 
We have achieved our current status by taking a less well-trodden path and exploring it thoroughly, rather than taking the more conventional, easier path. 
We have armed ourselves with the grit and determination to esoteric clinical testing for necessity in the diagnosis and, thanks to our tireless efforts in achieving this, GC Labs is now recognized as 'the best in esoteric clinical laboratory‘, Nawaloka Labs will never cease to embody the values it has set for itself: Challenge and Innovation. 
We aim to become a global leader in clinical laboratory.

Care & Compassion

Contributing to a healthy and happy life through best clinical test for disease prevention, diagnosis, cure is Nawaloka Labs’ mission. 
The spirit of care and compassion has helped us to perform the best esoteric clinical tests that were sent to the overseas by others due to limited market demand. 
By doing so, we have helped patients who are suffering from rare diseases, and refractory disease to find their hope again. 
In addition, voluntary service from both company and its employees in caring social minorities and  underprivileged are still continuing to become the bedrock of Nawaloka Labs ethos.

Fairness & Integrity

Based on our simple honesty and belief in only choosing the right path, we have devoted our heart and soul in carrying out our mission, regardless of the difficulties encountered along the way. 
Not to focus on immediate gain is Nawaloka Labs’ unchanging belief. Taking a stand for righteousness and justice by operating our business in a way that remains faithful to our mission is Nawaloka Labs promise to its customers and to society

Respect & Dedication

Nawaloka Labs' mission has its origins in a deep respect for life.
In this sense, life itself is the utmost and foremost value
that Nawaloka Labs pursues. 
We ensure that we take a consistent interest in achieving a balance between benefits and profits for all stakeholders. 
We also take pleasure in providing patients and health care providers with the best treatment methods available; we are happy when they are happy. Nawaloka Labs cooperates with both central and local governments to implement policy, and contributes to improving the welfare of the local communities. 
We will continue to promote mutual growth through academic circles, research groups, pharmaceutical and partner companies, and by taking a leading role in environmental conservation.   

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